Pingxiang Tongda Electric Porcelain Factory is located in our country the insulating porcelain production base of Jiangxi one of the suburbs of Pingxiang, here has a long history and rich electric ceramic production of electric ceramics production source and the geographical environment is superior.

       Pingxiang Tongda Electric Porcelain Factory is in the great development of China's electric power industry, the rise of the emerging power lines electric porcelain and medium-sized manufacturers electric appliances, power plants and other insulation; an annual output value of 10000000 yuan, the production of porcelain of more than 3000 tons; the factory covers an area of 16500 Yu Ping square meters, construction area of over 1.1 square meters; equipment production facilities, complete testing equipment, complete with high production capacity series of low voltage electric porcelain products 110KV and below voltage levels and the same profession advanced Xiaoping, "and below 60KV transformer bushing" (Series) is my factory production of one of the leading products; enterprises have a lot of good management and professional technical management personnel and a a highly skilled workers, in 2001 passed ISO 9002 international quality system certification, products widely sold in the domestic market, some products supporting the users trust and praise of export products, quality products and excellent service by the majority of users.

       I plant the production of "PTC" brand electric porcelain products adhere to the requirements of the national technical standards, strictly fulfill the commitment, with reliable quality assurance enthusiasm for your service.


  • Porcelain sleeve of power transformer(K)
  • Porcelain sleeve of power transformer(J)
  • Porcelain sleeve of power transformer(I)
  • Porcelain sleeve of power transformer(H)
  • Porcelain sleeve of power transformer(F)
  • Porcelain sleeve of power transformer(E)
Strict performance of quality,Guaranteed commitment,Dedicated service

With an annual output value of 10 million yuan, more than 3000 tons of porcelain production; factory covers an area of 1.65 million square meters, construction area of 11000 square meters, production facilities, testing equipment complete, complete with 110kV and below voltage of series of high and low voltage electric porcelain products production capacity and the same industry advanced Xiaoping.